Empower Korea’s Tourism: Soyoeng’s Learning Chinese Journey

🇰🇷✈️🇨🇳 Embarking on a journey of Chinese learning, witnessing the blend of Korean beauty and cultural charm. Stepping forward to attract more tourists to Korea!

Dragon’s Debut: 10 Funny Chinese Lines for Office Fun!

Dive into the laughter-filled atmosphere of the first week of the Dragon Year! With 10 humorous lines, infuse your office with joy.🎉

The Dragon’s Whisper: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Zodiac!

Discover the Year of the Dragon: Unveil the secrets of the Chinese Zodiac, embrace Lunar New Year traditions, and explore cultural insights with Mandarin Inn.

Tai Chi & New Year in SH: How Ancient Moves Shape Modern Lives

Embrace the New Year with Tai Chi! Join us at Mandarin Inn to explore Shanghai's Tai Chi journey and the charm of Mandarin. 🐉🏮🎇 Experience culture, embrace balance!

Mandarin Inn’s Festive Family Day Delights with Xmas Cheer

Experience the holiday magic with Mandarin Inn as we recap our Christmas-themed family day event with Shanghai Accueil. Join our cultural activities and explore Chinese traditions, festivals, and cuisine. Dive into the world of Chinese culture with us!

Uncover Shanghai’s Winter Secrets | Food, Hidden Spots & More!

"Explore the enchanting winter of Shanghai with Mandarin Inn. Discover hidden gems, indulge in local culinary delights, and learn Mandarin through cultural experiences. Your ultimate guide to enjoying Shanghai's winter!"

Navigate Around The City Like The Locals

Do you know that 22nd of September is marked as World Car-Free Day (世界无车日shì jiè wú chē rì)? This day is celebrated to encourage people to reduce the use of private cars and instead use alternative forms of transportation such as walking, cycling, or using public transport. As of 2023, there are more than 4 million cars mobilizing across Shanghai, causing […]

Include These Activities on your Autumn To-Do-List!

It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming the warmth of spring, and now, in a blink of an eye (眨眼之间 zhǎ yǎn zhī jiān), we are already entering the ninth month of 2023. Fall(秋天 qiū tiān) is approaching soon. You can witness the leaves turn golden as they fall to the ground, feel the air turn crisper, and enjoy the […]
Express Your Love With These Chinese Sayings

Express Your Love With These Chinese Sayings

Are you noticing love ornaments and decorations in every corner of the city? Perhaps are you receiving special love gestures lately? This is because the Chinese are celebrating 七夕节 (qī xī jié). Curious what does this mean? Find out more below! 七夕节(qī xī jié) or better known as the Double-Seventh Festival / Qixi Festival / Magpie Festival is a Chinese Valentine’s Day based on a […]
Learn These Chinese Slangs

Learn These Chinese Buzzwords and Speak Like The Locals

Happy International Youth Day (国际青年节guó jì qīng nián jié) everyone! Do you know what buzzwords Chinese young people are using these days? Let’s learn these words to surprise your Chinese friends/colleagues tomorrow!  Here are some Chinese internet slangs you can use to blend in with the locals! 1. 栓Q (shuān Q)= thank you(speechless) 我刚刚喝了一杯咖啡,你又做了一杯,栓Q啊! wǒ gāng gāng hē le yī bēi […]