For Whom the Siren Wails

10 a.m. in the morning on April 4, a siren wailed in the sky. The whole country seemed to be pressed “pause” button. Streams of vehicles stopped to whistle; passengers on subway stood up solemnly grieving over; at this moment, all Chinese people halted what they were doing at hands, to observe three-minutes silent mourning for the dead compatriots in the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia. This year’s Qingming Festival is more depressing than usual without doubt. 

How to Choose a Good Online Language Learning Product?

These days, learning online has become a trend for people to study something new. To some extent we cannot help but turn to online during pandemic lockdown. Most importantly is that the digital way has proved its flexibility and effectiveness. Facing dozens of language suppliers makes choice of the right product incredibly difficult. Don’t feel frustrated! We have made a list of tips on selecting a good online learning product so that you can decide easier.  

Find the Connection between Language And Kungfu

Wei li'an is Brazilian studying in US. He came to Shanghai to learn Chinese not only for knowing more about the connection between Kungfu and mandarin but also to seek challenge for himself in mastering a brand-new language. Let’s see the fun side beneath the shyness of this young kungfu man.  卫力安是在美国就读的巴西人,他来上海不仅想了解更多汉语和功夫之间的联系,也想挑战自己掌握一门全新的语言。让我们来看看他腼腆的外表下那有趣的一面吧!

Two Way Communication Benefits

Claire majored in Chinese philology. She went to US to teach Chinese after postgraduate studies, now working at an educational institute for promoting Chinese as foreign language. With 8 years teaching experience, Claire's students’ background covers from 2-3 year-old children to 50+ year old adult of various nationalities. 

What Were Chinese Youth Doing Abroad 150 Years Ago?

Today is May 4th Youth Day (五四青年节 wǔ sì qīng nián jiē), not an international but a unique day to China, established in memory of the patriotic movement broke out in Beijing on May 4th, 1919. Nowadays, Youth Day has gradually been regarded as a cultural symbol for young people as the mainstay of a country: to shoulder the responsibility of developing China by solving social problems with passion and creativity. 

Chinese Mothers VS Western Mothers

Did you do anything to show your love to mum yesterday? As we know the second Sunday of May is defined as Mother’s Day when people express thanks to mothers by giving carnation, taking mum to a fancy restaurant or helping to do housework. It was originated from US but now seems becoming an international day as maternal love is universal. Even so there are quite a few distinctions between how Chinese mothers and western mothers show their love. Is your mum one of them? 

I Will Make a Fortune Today!

Today is May 18, 518, Wǒ yào fā! Sounds like an auspicious day to you, doesn’t it? In daily life, we are surrounded by numbers and inevitably deal with them every day in digital world. Numbers are meant to be calculated. They are neither good nor bad. Some numbers can be determined according to personal preferences. With the development of language and culture, people are constantly enriching connotation of numbers to express more ideas, especially 8 in Chinese.

N Reasons for Different Countries to Learn Chinese

If a foreigner can speak Mandarin, he or she will often be asked the question: Why do you choose to learn Chinese in the first place? Is it because you want to challenge one of the most difficult languages in the world? …or to visit China?…or for someone you love in China? In addition to the cool reasons mentioned, let’s have a look at what other reasons for some countries around the world to study Chinese that may surprise you. 

When You Feel Tired, Read These Poems

People say that you tend to recall things happened in early years more once you grow old because it is human characteristic to remember the beauty of previous experience. Whenever we feel pressure of work or fatigued from hard and fast daily life, the memory of carefree childhood will emerge in our mind since during the old time, life was not as complicated as what it is now. 

A New Way to Make a Living in China

Recently, bǎidìtān (摆地摊, street vending) has become the most searched word online as Chinese government have been trying to boost economy by encouraging self-employed or individual sellers back to streets. In order to release the vitality of street vending economy and make where we live more dynamic, in many cities temporary areas have been set up for mobile booths to provide convenience for the public. Sounds like a good option to start a new business, doesn’t it?