Event 报名 | Mahjong Spree on May 30th

Are you ready for an evening filled with fun, strategy, and a touch of cultural immersion? We’re excited to invite you to our Mahjong Spree event on the night of May 30th! Whether you’re a seasoned player or completely new to the game, this event promises to be an enjoyable and enriching experience for all. […]

Exploring Mandarin: Insights from a Cambridge Professor

Introduction: In a world of cultural diversity, the pursuit of language proficiency opens doors to new experiences and understanding. Meet Martin, a scholar from Denmark, whose journey led him from the historic halls of Cambridge to the bustling streets of Shanghai. His quest for linguistic mastery brought him to Mandarin Inn, where he delved into […]

Empower Korea’s Tourism: Soyoeng’s Learning Chinese Journey

🇰🇷✈️🇨🇳 Embarking on a journey of Chinese learning, witnessing the blend of Korean beauty and cultural charm. Stepping forward to attract more tourists to Korea!

Daily Chinese | Embark on Your Journey: Travel Preparations

Welcome to an exciting exploration of Chinese culture and language, brought to you by Mandarin Inn, a premier Chinese language school dedicated to bringing the richness of the Chinese language closer to learners worldwide. Today, we delve into the practical aspects of travel preparation. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, proper preparation […]

Mandarin Inn Creative Chinese Camp is Enrolling now!

Seeking a summer camp where your child can master Chinese in a uniquely innovative, fun, and interactive manner, while deeply experiencing the richness of Chinese culture? The Mandarin Inn Creative Mandarin Camp is exactly what you need! Tailored for young learners aged 7-18, our camp marries creative project-based learning with immersive cultural experiences, all designed […]

Dragon’s Debut: 10 Funny Chinese Lines for Office Fun!

Dive into the laughter-filled atmosphere of the first week of the Dragon Year! With 10 humorous lines, infuse your office with joy.🎉

The Dragon’s Whisper: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Zodiac!

Discover the Year of the Dragon: Unveil the secrets of the Chinese Zodiac, embrace Lunar New Year traditions, and explore cultural insights with Mandarin Inn.

Event Recap | The Enlightening Workshop on TCM 中医工作坊回顾

On February 1st, Mandarin Inn hosted an enlightening workshop on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), presented by the experienced TCM doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Marla Sulindro from the Body & Soul Clinic. The workshop provided the participants an interesting journey into the world of TCM, focusing on a holistic approach to combating stress and insomnia. 2月1日,Mandarin […]

学员故事 | 台湾女孩如何在上海变成汉语教学超级英雄!

引言:在这篇深入的访谈中,我们有幸走近Jenny——一位热情洋溢的汉语学习者和未来的教师。来自台湾的Jenny,通过自己的故事,为我们展示了学习和教授汉语的独特旅程。从最初对汉语的好奇,到在Mandarin Inn追求《国际中文教师证书》,她的经历不仅是关于语言学习,更是一个关于文化探索和个人成长的故事。