Dragon’s Debut: 10 Funny Chinese Lines for Office Fun!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon! As we dive headfirst into the new lunar year, it’s time to tackle work with a fresh perspective and perhaps a sprinkle of humor. In this blog post, we’re serving up a dose of wit with 10 quirky sayings to inject some fun into your first week back at work. So, grab your coffee, put on your best dragon attitude, and let’s dive into the whimsical world of work in the Dragon Year!

龙年开工,要像龙一样虎虎生风,别像龟一样龟龟进步! (Lóng nián kāi gōng, yào xiàng lóng yīyàng hǔhǔshēngfēng, bié xiàng guī yīyàng guīguī jìnbù!) In the Year of the Dragon, let’s roar into action like a dragon, not crawl like a turtle!

Curator In the new year, let’s face challenges with the attitude of a dragon, not progress slowly like a turtle! 


新年快乐,上班不乐!(Xīnnián kuàilè, shàngbān bù lè!) Happy New Year, but work is no joy!

Curator:Despite it being the new year, work still isn’t something to look forward to!


工作像龙一样,我想睡觉!(Gōngzuò xiàng lóng yīyàng, wǒ xiǎng shuìjiào!) Work like a dragon, I want to sleep!

Curator:Though we hope work will be as strong as a dragon, I’d rather find a bit of sleepiness at work!

龙年开工,让工作的火焰点燃我们的生活! (Lóng nián kāi gōng, ràng gōngzuò de huǒyàn diǎnrán wǒmen de shēnghuó!) In the Year of the Dragon, let the flames of work ignite our lives!

Curator:At this special moment, let’s let the fire of our work ignite the passion in our lives!


新年新气象,工作新困扰!(Xīnnián xīn qìxiàng, gōngzuò xīn kùnrǎo!) New Year, new atmosphere, new work troubles!

Curator:In the new year, new challenges will keep cropping up, let’s embrace the new troubles at work!


新年新希望,上班新打瞌睡!(Xīnnián xīn xīwàng, shàngbān xīn dǎ kēshuì!) New Year, new hope, new dozing off at work!

Curator:Despite hoping for new hopes in the new year, a little dozing off at work seems inevitable!

新年新愿望,工资翻番!(Xīnnián xīn yuànwàng, gōngzī fānfān!) New Year, new wishes, double the salary!

Curator:In the new year, may the salary double like a dragon!


龙年开工,先工作后微信! (Lóng nián kāi gōng, xiān gōngzuò hòu wēixìn!) In the Year of the Dragon, work first, WeChat later!

Curator:On weekdays, finish work tasks first, then chat on WeChat!


新年新打拼,老板加薪! (Xīnnián xīn dǎpīn, lǎobǎn jiāxīn!) New Year, new struggles, boss raise the salary!

Curator:In the new year, may efforts at work lead to a raise from the boss!


龙年开工,愿你努力工作,奖金翻倍,加班无边!(Lóng nián kāi gōng, yuàn nǐ nǔlì gōngzuò, jiǎngjīn fān bèi, jiābān wúbān!) In the Year of the Dragon, may you work hard, double your bonus, and endless overtime!

Curator:In the first working week of the Dragon Year, may everyone work hard, double their bonuses, and endure endless overtime!

Here’s to a roaring start to the Year of the Dragon! May these quirky sayings bring a smile to your face and a skip to your step as you navigate the challenges and joys of the new year. Remember, amidst the hustle and bustle of work, it’s essential to maintain a lighthearted spirit and find moments of laughter along the way. 

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