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Seeking a summer camp where your child can master Chinese in a uniquely innovative, fun, and interactive manner, while deeply experiencing the richness of Chinese culture? The Mandarin Inn Creative Mandarin Camp is exactly what you need! Tailored for young learners aged 7-18, our camp marries creative project-based learning with immersive cultural experiences, all designed to unveil the fascinating charm of China in the most engaging ways possible.

📆 Camp Highlights:

  • Age Groups: Two age groups, 7-12 and 13-18, with courses and activities tailored to each child’s developmental stage.

  • Creative Learning: Guiding children to explore Chinese language and culture in innovative ways through project-based learning.

  • Cultural Immersion: Daily cultural experience activities such as calligraphy, Chinese dance, cooking, etc., allowing children to experience traditional Chinese arts firsthand.

  • Friday Showcases: Children will have the opportunity to present their weekly achievements to parents, enhancing confidence and promoting communication between parents and children.

  • Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up Services: To accommodate parents, services are available from 8:00 to 18:00.

💎 Special Offers:

  • Early Bird Discount: Register early and enjoy special discounts!

  • Multiple Week Discount: Enroll for more than 2 weeks and receive additional discounts!

  • Sibling Discount: A discount on enrollment fees for the second child and subsequent children from the same family.

🏅 Completion Gift:

Every student who successfully completes the camp will receive a beautiful certificate of completion as encouragement and a keepsake.

🌈 Camp Overview

7-12 Age Group

Morning: Project-Based Learning

  • Project Themes: Each week features a different theme, allowing students to delve into aspects of Chinese culture, history, and arts through project-based learning. Projects can be team-based or individual, encouraging students to communicate and express themselves in Chinese.

  • Hands-On Activities: Students engage in creating projects such as Chinese newsletters, simple research reports, or Chinese speeches, fostering creativity and teamwork.

Afternoon: Cultural Experiences

  • Workshops and Experiences: Arrange cultural workshops related to the weekly theme, such as Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, traditional dance, etc.

  • Outdoor Activities: Organize related outdoor learning activities, like museum visits or historical site explorations, for firsthand cultural experiences.

Sample Schedule (7-12 Age Group)




13-18 Age Group

Morning: Project-Based Learning

  • In-depth Exploration: Offer deeper explorations of Chinese culture, society, and history through projects like short video production, group discussions, Chinese debates, encouraging students to research deeply and express complex ideas in Chinese.

  • Career Exploration: Through project learning, students explore career directions related to Chinese, such as translation, international trade, etc.

Afternoon: Cultural Experiences

  • Special Lectures and Workshops: Arrange special lectures and workshops on contemporary Chinese culture and arts, like modern Chinese cinema appreciation, basic Chinese medicine knowledge, etc.

  • Social Practice: Provide real-life language application scenarios through visits to local enterprises, communities, or exchanges with Chinese students, offering students a taste of real Chinese social culture.

Sample Schedule (13-18 Age Group)





😀 General Services and Activities

  • Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up Services: Considering parents’ work hours, early drop-off service (starting at 8:00) and late pick-up service (extending to 18:00) are provided to ensure every child has a safe and enjoyable camp experience.

  • Project Learning (Morning): Encourages students to explore the weekly themes deeply through research, discussion, and practical activities, fostering their creativity and teamwork.

  • Cultural Experiences (Afternoon): Engages students in workshops, experiential activities, and excursions, allowing them to experience the charm and depth of Chinese culture firsthand.

  • Project Presentation with Parents (Friday Afternoon): Provides students with a platform to showcase their weekly learning outcomes, increasing parents’ awareness and support of their children’s achievements.

  • Cross-age Group Interaction: Promote interaction between different age groups through opening and closing ceremonies and other activities, enhancing the community feel of the camp.

📅 Starting date:

Jun 3rd, 17th

Jul 1st, 15th, 29th

Aug 12th

📍 Location:

1280 Huaihai Rd. (M) Xuhui District, Shanghai


💳 Pricing:

  • Creative Chinese Camp:9,990 RMB / 2 weeks

  • Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up Services:1,500 RMB/ 2 weeks

💎  Special Offers:

  • Early Bird Discount: 8,990 RMB/2weeks (Registered by April 12th)

  • Sibling Discount: Half price for the second child and subsequent children from the same family.

  • Multiple Week Discount: Enroll for more than 2 weeks and receive additional discounts! (Contact us to learn more)

Don’t let your child miss out on the best learning opportunity this summer! Spaces in the Mandarin Inn Creative Mandarin Camp are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us now for more information and to register, embarking on a creative journey of Chinese learning!

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Mandarin Inn, More Than Just a Language School

Located in the scenic heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession, Mandarin Inn is housed in a historic villa, offering not only an ideal place for studying Mandarin but also a chance to experience Shanghai’s rich history and culture. As the home of the APM Public Library and recognized by Ecovadis for corporate social responsibility, Mandarin Inn carries a dual mission of education and cultural heritage.

Monthly cultural workshops 


APM Charity Libaray


Classroom in a histroic building 


Recognized by Ecovadis for corporate social responsibility



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