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As a leading language school with over 15 years of offline Chinese teaching experience, Mandarin Inn now offers fully customized online classes for learners worldwide. Our face-to-face online learning system and Chinese materials are designed to improve Chinese reading, listening, and speaking skills efficiently, all while providing 1-on-1 guidance from our highly qualified teachers.

Course Package & Tuition

Save time and money with Mandarin Inn Cloud

subscription plan
CNY 588
USD 85
4 classes a month
Pay every month
subscription plan
CNY 1,588
USD 229
12 classes a month
  • Pay every month

  • Course Package
    CNY 2,499
    USD 361
    20 classes in total
  • Valid for 3 months

  • Course Package
    CNY 4,700
    USD 680
    40 hours in total
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Experience More Than Just Quality Online Classes

    Chinese Materials/ Mandarin Certificate/ Self-study system/HSK-based curriculum

    Chinese Effective Learning Materials
    Improve Your Chinese with Comprehensive Learning Materials
  • • Our materials cover Chinese characters, grammar, and conversation, providing a well-rounded language-learning experience.
  • • Free downloads of Chinese learning materials after pre-order, so you can continue to practice and improve.
  • Chinese certificate
    Verify Your Chinese Language Skills with Our Mandarin Certificate
  • • We provide real-time access to your learning records, ensuring that you can track your progress and stay motivated throughout your Chinese learning journey.
  • Chinese Self Study
    Maximize Chinese Learning with Our Online Homework and Practice System
  • • Consistent Chinese practice is key to improving your Mandarin skills. Our self-study system offers follow-up homework assignments and quizzes which allow you to practice after online classes and help you stay on track.
  • MI Mandarin Level
    Master Chinese Language Skills with Our HSK-Based Course Curriculum
  • • The 1-on-1 Chinese learning course is HSK curriculum based and user-friendly. Learning Mandarin with Mandarin Inn cloud will make the Chinese learning journey effortless.
  • Begin Your Chinese Learning Journey with Our 3-Step Process

    Starting your Chinese language learning journey has never been easier. Don't let language barriers hold you back any longer. Start your Chinese learning journey today with Mandarin Inn. At Mandarin In cloud, we've developed a simple and effective 3-step process to help you get started:

    Step of Learning Chinses
    Step 1
    Sign up to Mandarin Inn
    Choose a course intensity that matches your language learning goals.
    Step 2
    Book your classes
    Select the day, time, and conversation topics you‘d like to learn with the click of a button.
    How to use our system
    Learn Chinses Online
    Step 3
    Start learning with highly qualified teachers
    Prepare for your classes by downloading the lesson plans in advance .
    Free download Chinese material will help you to review ahead and after a 1-on-1 learning session.

    Our learning materials

    Improve Your Chinese Language Skills with Our Relaxed, Practical, and Effective Learning Materials

    Learning materials for oral communication
    Learning materials for oral communication
  • • For real-life situations conversation
  • • Every-day Chinese
  • • Fun dialog
  • Learn more...
    Fundamental Chinese grammar structure
    Fundamental Chinese grammar structure
  • • Exercise in various ways
  • • Effective quizzes
  • Learn more...
    Learn Chinese characters easy and fun
    Learn Chinese characters easy and fun
  • • Self-study available
  • • Easy to practice
  • Learn more...
    Customized your own learning content
    Customized your own learning content
  • • Tailormade Chinese learning material
  • • Make your own learning goal
  • Learn more...

    After class

    Continue learning even after class

    Self-practice system after-class
    Self-practice system after-class
    Extend Your Chinese Language Learning Beyond the Online Classroom with Our After-Class Support Reinforce Your Chinese Language Skills with Our Self-study System Each online Chinese class includes follow-up homework assignments and practice-by-yourself Chinese quizzes, which are tailored to your individual learning level and progress. By practicing on your own, you'll enhance what you've learned with our Mandarin teacher and be prepared for the next 1-on-1 session. Our self-practice system is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere and anytime, making it easy for you to practice and reinforce your Chinese language skills on your own schedule.
    Summary and Chinses certificate
    Summary & certificate
    Tracking Chinese language learning progress is essential to staying motivated and reaching your language learning goals. That's why we offer a convenient summary and certificate system that allows you to track your progress and verify your Chinese language skills. Our real-time summary system provides you with access to your Chinese learning progress and lesson records, which you can view and download at any time. When you complete a Chinese language level, you'll receive a MIC Chinese learning certificate, which verifies your ability to speak, listen, read, and understand Chinese.

    Highly qualified teachers

    Each MIC teacher is selected from 10 candidates

    Highly qualified Chinese teachers
    Highly qualified Mandarin teachers
    Highly qualified teachers


    Students love us because we provide a convenient and authentic experience that helps you speak with confidence.

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